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16 page booklets with excellent GCSE exam questions on your five weakest areas from each past paper, tailored automatically to your level. Tell Me More


A revolutionary revision tool: A dynamic progress tracking system created using real data from actual exams for each individual topic.
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Personalised 20 minute tests on the 6 easiest questions you got wrong in any past paper you have completed. Scientifically deduce whether you have actually improved.
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An Email From Karen Peoples, Head of Maths, Alsop High School.
"Just wanted to say a quick thank you for your website - we are using the materials for intervention with our current year 11s and are finding them really effective. As an added bonus, our headteacher is absolutely delighted with the individual nature of the resources produced."

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Introduction and the Personalised Booklets

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The Maths Matrix

A revolutionary dynamic personalised revision list for students created using real data from real exams

Click here to experience the matrix yourself. (Note: Worked Solutions and print view coming very soon)

Progress is tracked in each GCSE topic over time using data from real past exam papers. Students can login to see their consistent weaknesses from several tests as well as their consistent stengths and where they have improved. Students can hover the marks to see the actual question they got wrong, try it again and see if they can do it again now. And much much more ...

Personalised Retests

Personalsied 20 minute tests on the 6 easiest questions students got wrong in any mock test

Press one button and produce a class set of personalised retests. See them yourself HERE. The front page tells the student what mark they got the first time they sat the test. Solutions can be given out in class such that students can mark or peer mark their tests. Then you the teacher and the students can see, scientifically, whether they have actually improved and can now do the question.


Dr Tom Quilter

Full Time Maths teacher

Deputy Head of Maths

I have previously completed a PhD in Game Theory and worked for one year in investment banking before teaching maths for the last 9 years. Teaching is a great passion for me and I love being in the classroom and talking about maths. I have now been Key Stage 4 Co-ordinator for 5 years and after seeing my colleague spending hours making personal booklets for his year 11 class I started to make this website.
Please email me with any questions at all about the website or any ideas at all at
I would love to hear any suggestions, improvements or feedback about the site.